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Martin Wöginger

Projectmanagement, Software development: Ruby, Objective C, Java(J2EE)

Born on 13 January 1969, grown up in Vienna and since the mid-90s in Berlin. Meanwhile married and has two children, Nimo and Florin.


  • 1987: Graduation
  • 1987–1990: Technical Physics at the Technical University Vienna
  • 1990-1997: "Studium irregulare": Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (an approved study plan from the fields of computer science, neurology, psychology and philosophy)

About me

I am a freelance developer with 20 years of professional experience, my current focus is Ruby on Rails. Before I was developing serverside Java applications for 10 years. I developed in both, the backend as well as frontend areas. Since almost two years I use Ruby on Rails for modern web 2.0 applications with Ajax.

I am able to look back on a wide range of projects and customers. You will find in my CV web-, desktop and backend applications, I was working for large companies like T-Systems, Wienstrom, Erste Österreichische Bank but as well for small startup companies.

I am a strong supporter of the agile methodologies, without beeing too dogmatic because it always depends on the team which way is best.

There are some frameworks, where I have expertise, such as the Spring Framework, Hibernate, Struts, Axis, or the JBoss application server, and most recently the Rails Framework. But I have already encountered many more so I have a good overview.

Key Skills

Highly qualified senior development professional with extensive skills in Ruby and enterprise software technologies, and considerable software project experience

Professional Experience

  • April 2007 - June 2008
    Palabea: Technical responsibility for an international e-Learning community on the basis of Ruby on Rails. Tasks: jump start the development and construction, basic work, planning, technical design, recruiting.
  • September 2007 - today
    Lehrbuch Pyschologie et. al.: In cooperation with several webapplications of various medical textbooks for Springer Verlag (Heidelberg). Implementation with Ruby on Rails, partly reimplementation of exisiting JBoss Seam applications.
  • 2008 (January - February)
    Mando-TV: some work for the relaunch of mando.TV GmbH (see below)
    technologies: Rails 2.0, Burlap
  • 2008 February
    GoogleAdTracker on behalf of eye-square: Google is using our iServer(see below) to measure the effectiveness of GoogleAds.
  • 2007 (May-November)
    iServer on behalf of eye-square: The behaviour of users is tracked by our JavaScript injected into any websites. The iServer is based on the Java proxy Paw (see Ebay proxy). The JavaScript is a registered Eventlistener and sends the recorded data back via remote scripting back to a servlet.
  • 2007 (February-August)
    Mando-TV: Ruby on Rails project for a startup company in the area of mobile video. Topics Ruby Java integration, web interface with Rails communicates with a Java backend with the Burlap protocol. Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Spring Framework, Maven2, Burlap
  • 2006-2007 (November-May)
    T-Systems: refactoring and extensions on a phonenumber management system.
    Technologies: Spring Framework, Maven2, Corba
  • 2006 (July-October)
    ILove - a project of Jamba: consulting and development for a dating community. Tasks: implementation of photo albums, coaching for Hibernate and Spring.
    Technologies: Struts, Ajax (Google Web Toolkit), Spring, Bea Application Server.
  • 2005-2006 (November-June)
    Several Voice over IP projects on behalf of T-Systems. Technical issues such as telephone-number allocation and activation in the SIP - Core system. Rough tasks: Refactoring of old projects, migration to the Spring Framework, implementation of communication interfaces using Web services and XML-RPC, various tests with Junit and Easy Mock, LDAP authentication.
    Technologies: Spring, Hibernate, Axis, Easy Mock, Acegi. Used Tools: Eclipse, Maven, Subversion.
  • 2005 (July-December)
    Research Project: on behalf of eye-square a filtering proxy on the basis of Brazil frameworks was written for eBay to filter their ads on any webpage in the order test the effectiveness of online ads.
    Technologies: Java, Hibernate, MySQL
  • August 2004-November 2005
    Project Management and technical lead for the project ACM (see below). Big refactoring project. After a partial refactoring was not proved feasible, the complete code been ported to J2EE standards like JNDI, JMX, JTA, JAAS und JMS. The swing client was replaced by a Struts based webapp with some help of Ajax. Corba was removed completely. A self written JDBC drivers together with a Cim MetaAPI provided a standardized access to business data, such as reporting. The team had a size of 12 developers who worked in iterations with short cycles (2 weeks), with automatic integration tests (Cruise Control), nightly build container In tests with Cactus, various performance and load testing. Eclipse was introduced as the standard IDE. Conversion of Versant to relational database with Hibernate 3 as the persistence mechanism. This was done quite smoothly because we prepared a DAO layer before.
    Used databases: Oracle 9 and Hsql-DB
  • 2003-2004 for consulting and coaching for Asdis Software GmbH on behalf of Ingenieurbuero Schröder (see below):
    Development of version 4 of the ACM tool. Other tasks: Buildmanagments (ANT), session management, switching to Java 1.4 (Encryption), persistence layer (Versant DB): evaluation of JDO. AspectJ was used to implement for ACLs.
  • 2003-2004 (Duration: 4 months) consultants activities on behalf of the city of Bregenz for an e-government project based on Web services.
    Some tasks: security and data storage, XP iteration and community planning processes to define APIs. development of various basic webservices including a digital signature. Used frameworks: Axis, Castor.
  • 2002-2003: Several webapplications based on Struts or Cocoon.
  • 2002-2003: configuration tool on behalf of T-Systems. Rough tasks: Build managment, state machine, gui based on Struts, persistence, databaselayer, corbalayer, logging, configuration, CVS. Used tools and frameworks: IBM Websphere, Websphere Studio, Tomcat, EJB, Ant, Log4J, Junit, Cactus, Struts, Oracle 8i, Corba (Visibroker), Eclipse.
  • 2002: AdToWebClient: on behalf of the OneVision: A Macintosh client for advertisments, which uses a printer driver to manipulate postscript files files with additional XML data and then sends them to a central server of Onevision.
  • 2001-2003: consultant for Asdis Software GmbH on behalf of Ingenieurbuero Schroeder. Development of a configuration management tool for distributed systems based on Java. We started using RUP, but switched to extreme programming under the assistance of Joseph Pelrine;
    Tasks: persistence layer (for Ozone and Versant); XP Coach; test automation and integration; Generic Corba interface for GUI. Used Tools / Frameworks: Ozone, Jakarta Ant, Castor, JUnit.
  • 2000-2002: a B2B search system for the Vienna Economic Chamber. Used: mysql, servlets, Apache server.
  • 1999-2001:freelancer at OneVision in the development team of Secare (formerly StripIt, see above). Tasks (among others): International Version, XML jobformat and a research of switching to a Java GUI which uses JNI to access to a C++ kernel.
  • 1999-2000: OBD a yellow pages webapplication with project management, user administration, access to a shop system, etc. faxgateway with Oracle 8i, with Apache JServ module, the Linux operating system.
  • 1998: A control and warning system for the substations tensions on behalf of Wienstrom, with Java (servlets, applets, Java plug system) based on Oracle (real-time system), Windows NT.
  • 1996: Implementation of a Kermitmodule for the Macintosh version of the electronic banking application of the Ersten Österreichischen Sparkasse.
  • 1996-1999: development of a digital sheet assembly STRIP IT software on the basis of MFC 4.2 (Visual C + +) for Win 95, Win NT and Apple Mac.
  • 1995: The multimedia telescope (Ars Electronica): This controls sound files on a modified joystick which measures the focus of the telescope.
  • 1992-1995: multi-platform solution for architects and engineers in C++, integration of a powerful database server, single user and multi-user version using C-Tree of Faircom
  • 1992-1994: Technical Hotline at Apple Computer Austria
  • 1991: DataEntry: A data-processing and input application for the Economic University of Vienna on behalf of Prof. Titscher
  • 1991 an invoice management package.
  • 1990-1991: Electronic banking client for the largest bank in Austria (CA). Used Language: Pascal
  • 1990: A simulation application for sociological processes and dependencies for the Economic University of Vienna.
  • 1988-1990: Solutions for architects on the behalf of A-Null GmbH.
  • 1987-1988: First projects in Clipper after a four year experience in Assembler on Epson und Atari, additional two year Assembler and Basic on a ZX81 ;-)
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